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UT2003 :: Actor >> xEmitter >> ShockBeamEffect (Package: xWeapons)


vector HitNormal
HunterKiller: The HitNormal is an orthogonal vector to the hit location. Like, If you are facing a wall, and you shoot it, the hit location vector is a line from you to the wall. The normal of this line is the wall. (I thought I should explain this somewhere) :)


AimAt (Vector hl, Vector hn)
  • Set HitNormal property;
  • Tell the clients to create the visual effects if not a Dedicated Server;
SpawnEffects ( ) [simulated]

In resume, this function finds where the effects should came from (like, the tip of the weapon's barrel)

  • If we are in 1st person, the muzzle flash spawn point is got from the Weapon GetEffectStart function;
  • In 3rd person, it uses the WeaponAttachment GetTipLocation function
  • Spawn some effects in the hit location, aligned to the hit normal;

This are the effects spawned in the hit location

  • ShockImpactFlare?
  • ShockImpactRing?
  • ShockImpactScorch?
  • ShockExplosionCore?

And this is the beam itself:

  • ShockBeamCoil?
   Coil = Spawn(class'ShockBeamCoil',,, Location, Rotation);
   if (Coil != None)
        Coil.mSpawnVecA = mSpawnVecA;

HunterKiller: Remembering: Location was set in the muzzle flash routines, and is the tip of the weapon. mSpawnVecA is the HitLocation. With this set, you will have a beam getting out from your weapons tip to the desired location.

Known Subclasses

  • SuperShockBeamEffect?
    • BlueSuperShockBeam?


HunterKiller: Following Wormbo advices. ;)

Wormbo: Some more adjustments... ;) We usually use "; functionname (parameters) : description" for function declarations. Use the <wiki>...</wiki> tags if you need to put really complex stuff into the description part. Stuff like "What's a HitNormal" should be explained in a place like the vector introduction on the UnrealScript Lessons page. Maybe a page for explaining details that would be a good idea? (A discussion about this can be found at Guidelines On General Style.)

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