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Who I am

I'm ShortCutMan! I'm pretty young, but I'm exploring the Unreal engine (Unreal Tournament at the moment,

I don't currently own UT2003), and my first mod should be coming out soon.

Language Experiance

  • PHP
  • C++
  • Java
  • UnrealScript (Of Course)


My first mod shall come out soon, its called UnrealSpray, and brings Spray Tags into Unreal Tournament. I also work on Silent Assassins as a mapper. You can find Silent Assassins at http://sa.strategy-x.com/.


These are some prpjects I am going to start soon:

  • NhancedUT - A mod which has more options and things to configer for a match. From time to next spawn, to starting weapon.
  • Target and Team Target - A new gametype. One player is named the target. If you manage to kill the target you get an extra 5 frag bonus or something along those lines. In Team Target, one person is still called the target, but the players on that team have to protect the target, and when the other team kills the target, they get 1 point. The killer gets a couple of extra frags still.

Where I hang around on the net

modDatabase - http://www.moddb.com/ - I am an avid poster on their forums, and I'm also a moderator there.

GameCache - http://www.gamecache.net/ - A small website offering downloads and site hosting. I'm a moderator there also.

UnrealWiki - Duh. :D



EntropicLqd: Hi, Welcome to the wiki. Enjoy your stay and have fun.

ShortCutMan: I'm sure I will, I'm learning more about UnrealScript and stuff every day. :)

Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki. :)

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