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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Effects (UT) >> SmokeGenerator (Package: UnrealShare)
UT :: Actor (UT) >> Effects (UT) >> SmokeGenerator >> ShortSmokeGen (Package: UnrealShare)

A SmokeGenerator does exactly as it's name suggests. It creates smoke. ;)
Using them is very easy. You just need to place the SmokeGenerator where you want the smoke to go, adjust the settings and you're good to go. You do will have to trigger the SmokeGenerator before it will start emitting smoke.


float SmokeDelay
The delay between two puffs (smoke).
float SizeVariance
How much variance in size the puffs (smoke) may have.
float BasePuffSize
How big the base size is of the puffs (smoke).
int TotalNumPuffs
How many puffs does it have to emit, before it stops.
float RisingVelocity
How fast do the puffs go up.
class<Effects (UT)> GenerationType
bool bRepeating
Can be retriggered after the amount of smoke specified in TotalNumPuffs was generated.

Category Class (UT)

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