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What can I say that hasnt been said by everybody else.

  • I like real time 3D
  • Unreal works well
  • I've know Rhino modelling
  • I've know Max (although its been a while)
  • I was once a modeller in Paris, but couldnt keep my balance on the catwalk. :)

  • I know PhotoShop.
  • I used to work for a game company doing textures and maps
  • I dont like working full time on something I enjoy part time
  • I dont like hardcore gamers; there is more to life.

  • I coded a long time ago
  • It wasnt Object Oriented Programming


Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki, Sobiwan! :)

Tarquin: Hello there! :)

Sobiwan: Hi! This is kinda fun, in a chaotic, organized way!

Wormbo: It is, indeed. That's why over 200 (I think) people already populated far more than 1000 pages with lots of useful stuff. :D

GRAF1K: What kind of stuff have you done in Rhino? I mostly do graphic art, but a little static mesh creation is on my resume. Barely. :-)

Sobiwan: I've created objects and architecture to scale for the purpose of working out functionality and asthetics before building them in real life. This also helps with building them in Unreal; I just switched the grid scale. I've also modelled organic items like bodies and faces. Although you cant directly sculpt with polygons like Lightwave, it does a pretty good job optimizing the shapes to polygons for use with Unreal.

Foxpaw: Rhino actually will let you use meshes if you want, but NURBS modelling is better, in my opinion. (Well, technically NURBS is superior to polygon based system because a NURBS object can be actually curved, not just appear curved due to a mass number of polygons.) My only complaints with Rhino are:

  • It doesn't support UV mapping, so you have to texture it externally.
  • Object naming doesn't appear to persist to other classes, so for things like karma collision hulls, you have to make them externally as well.

Aside from that, I think Rhinoceros 3D kicks butt. The interface is so intuitive for me and I can make models very quickly using it.

Sobiwan: No doubt Rhino rocks. I was using it during its year long beta period for v1.0. It lets you build primitive polygon meshes, create meshes from closed lines, weld them together... but thats not as easy as Lightwave sculpting polys like clay or just building surfaces as NURBS and converting the whole thing to meshes. I only wish the Unreal UI worked the same as Rhino. :)

Foxpaw: Hey, I thought I'd drop you a line in case you're still interested in modelling for the mod I'm making. I put up some screenshots that show the highly undeveloped and untextured fighter craft that I've put together.

I'll see about making some sketches. I have some, but they're on paper and I don't have a scanner. :/

Anyways, if you're still interested let me know by writing something here, or on my personal page.

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