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Hello. My name's Brian (bug me at sordith@westelcom.com or ICQ:8890892), and I'm an indy game developer from Orlando (aparently they'll just let ANYONE develop games now).

I was originally attracted by the "Make Something Unreal" contest, but have since come to my senses. I've come to like uscript, but I don't think I'm going to make anything worthwhile. My goal is to play around, write a couple toys to play with, maybe a mutator or two for lan parties, and add to this resource.

The first thing I went to write was a mutator which, after a player died, would spawn a player model (any of the player models) at the location of death. I soon found that I couldn't get a model to spawn. Oh what fun I had, trying various things.



eventually made SOMETHING show up. I said good night to my wife, and told her I would come to bed when I got it to do what I wanted. I also said the same thing in the morning as she left for work.

Eventually I found:

class Decoration extends Actor

and thought "afeiveaot" (having been up for too long), but my instincts saw the word 'placeable' and found all of the placeable classes. I eventually found I could get a few other things to spawn as well. (I also found that if you spawn a blue flag, a red bot will grab it, yell "I got the flag!", and run off with it, even in bombing run)

I figure I could probably create a new decoration class, create a model, and display that instead, but I would rather figure it out rather than work around my problems.

Anyone care to shed some light on this?

(I know there's a page for questions like this, but it's not life or death)

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