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Sound Browser

The Sound Browser is one of several [Resource Browser]?s in the UnrealEd Interface. By default it is docked in the Master Browser.

Uses of the browser:

  • displays currently loaded sounds,
  • allows further packages to be opened
  • allows properties of the sound resources to be edited, such as base radius and velocity scale. But remember Do not alter default packages.

Sound Browser


The Sound Browser is accessed either of two ways:

  • Do UnrealEd Main Menu → View → Sound Browser
  • Press the Sound Browser button in the middle of the toolbar at the top of the Editor window. It looks like speaker.

Browser Toolbar Buttons

The Sound Browser has the following buttons (from left to right) in its toolbar:

  • Dock / undock from browser window
  • Open Package
  • Save Package
  • Sound Properties
  • Load Entire Package
  • Play sounds automatically
  • Loop sounds
  • Stop sounds


Sounds, like everything else, are organized into groups, which are organized into packages. Using the sound browser window, you may open a package and view all the sounds contained in it. Package files for sounds are saved in UAX format.

  • Use the top combo box to choose different packages that have been loaded.
  • Use the bottom combo box to list different groups in the current package.
  • To view all the sounds in a single package, press the All button.
  • Use the open and save buttons to open and save your packages.


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