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My name is Daniel "Spark" Borgmann and I'm a Quake convert. ;) I did a bit of Quake 2 and a bit more Quake 3 coding but nothing special. Now I'm trying to get into UnrealScript with UT2003, which I like a lot so far.

The first (hopefully) usefull thing I did was some kind of lag compensation for instant hit weapons, which is also my first contribution to the Wiki. I believe that lag compensation in general is an interesting topic that I would like to discuss.

UT2003 Mod Projects

A simple competitive teamgame with realistic weapons.
Majestic Kingdom
A sophisticated fantasy roleplaying strategy game.

Link: [Developer Journals/Spark]?



EntroicLqd: Hi, welcome to the Wiki.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hi! :) :tup: (ent, can you spell welcome correctly) EntropicLqd: Yes - but not when I'm ill apparently.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: You sick? Take some medicine (Zxan runs through the medrechargebase) :P

Spark: Thank you! :D

Is it ok to create a new page for [Majestic Kingdom]? or should I do something like [Spark/Majestic Kingdom]?? I would like to put some general information on it and links to developer journals and design documents.

Mychaeel: Probably best to make it [Mod Ideas/Majestic Kingdom]?. Or make your own page below Category Journal.

Spark: Yes, the developer journal was already planned. Maybe the Wiki is not the right choice for what I wanted to do. Hm, I think I will just do a "usual" website for the mod and then link to this website from here.

I thought that Wiki might have been a great place to store a common design document for easy editing (and idea sharing) by the team members, but I understand that this would be rather an abuse of this system. :) Maybe I should install a mini Wiki for this task on our server.

Spoon: Hi there, just want to give you a heads up. I saw your hit prediction code and want to try to intergrate it into my sniper rifle mutator. I have a lot of people asking for a "zero-ping" version of my mutator, so a lot of people will be praising your name :)

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