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A SpawnNotify receives a notification whenever an actor is spawned in the level. It intercepts the actor, as it is instantiated and then affects it as dictated in the SpawnNotification event.

Commonly, a SpawnNotify may poll the PlayerReplicationInfo (UT) class and replace it with a gametype-relevant custom PlayerReplicationInfo.

Note: There is no similar class in UT2003. However, a Mutator's CheckReplacement function provides a limited version the same functionality. It won't catch any classes whose bGameRelevant property is set to True (namely any subclasses of Effects, Projectile?, xEmitter and several more), and it won't work on clients.


class<Actor (UT)> ActorClass
The SpawnNotify receives SpawnNotification calls only for this actor class and its subclasses.
SpawnNotify Next
Link to the next SpawnNotify. All SpawnNotify actors dynamically create a linked list through their PostBeginPlay methods. The list can be accessed through the SpawnNotify property of the LevelInfo (UT).


simulated event Actor (UT) SpawnNotification(Actor (UT) A)
This method may be used to replace actors with different classes. It is called after the PostBeginPlay method of the newly spawned actor and before code execution continues after the Spawn method that created the actor. The return value of this function will also be the return value of the Spawn function. Make sure you only return subclasses of the actor so you don't break other people's code.

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