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UT2003 :: Object >> Spline (Package: Engine)

A simple Wikipedia logo Hermite Spline for interpolation with position and velocity continuity. It is not used from any other UT2003 script class.


vector SplineA, SplineB, SplineC, SplineD
A and D are the start and end points of the path. The tangents formed by AB and DC control the direction and magnitude of the start and end of the curve.
rotator SplineE, SplineF, SplineG, SplineH
float mStartT
The time t0 passed to InitSplinePath or InitSplineRot.
float mEndT
The time t1 passed to InitSplinePath or InitSplineRot.
bool mbInit
Is true when InitSplinePath or InitSplineRot have been called.
float mTime
The last time used in NextSplinePos or NextSplineRot.
float maDeltaTimes[mMaxTimes]
int mIndex
float mTotalTime
bool mbRotatorSpline
Set to true if the object was initialized with InitSplineRot else set to false.
int mCnt


mMaxTimes = 5
The size of the maDeltaTimes array.


bool InitSplinePath( float t0, vector d0, vector v0, float t1, vector d1, vector v1 ) [native final simulated]
Initializes the object to interpolate over the spline path. t0, d0, v0 are the start time, position, and tangent. t1, d1, v1 are the end time, position, and tangent. The return value is true if the path was initialized correctly.
bool InitSplineRot( float t0, rotator d0, rotator v0, float t1, rotator d1, rotator v1 ) [native final simulated]
bool NextSplinePos( float dt, out vector d, out vector v, out vector a, out float outdt, optional bool bSmoothDt, optional bool bAccumDeltas ) [native final simulated]
This returns the spline information at dt. If bAccumDeltas is true dt is a delta time and mTime + dt is used. If bAccumDeltas is false dt should be an absolute value in the range of t0 to t1. Out values d, v, and a are the position, tangent, and ??? along the path. Returns false if dt causes a lookup outside the time range.
bool NextSplineRot( float dt, out rotator d, out rotator v, out rotator a, out float outdt, optional bool bSmoothDt, optional bool bAccumDeltas ) [native final simulated]

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