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Static Mesh Ideas


I thought people with lacking modelling experience could have us of this page, so I made it :)

So, add what you want with a fairly good explaination of what it is really and wait, maybe a friendly soul or other will pass by and help out.



  • Sample entry
  • Heaven, Earth, Hell weapon/ pickup static meshes
  • More trees =\
  • Cars for more realistic maps

Click Edit Page below to add a request.


Unreal Expectations: I have several static meshes available and add more often.


Click Edit Page below to post your own meshes.


Standard UT2003 Static Mesh Package


Legal: So, is this needed? Delete it/rename it if you want to, I think it should have a link on the MainPage too :)

Mychaeel: Sounds like this page should actually be named "Static Mesh Ideas." – When Mod Ideas started, it was a subpage of EntropicLqd's personal page. People picked it up and added more and more ideas, and then that page was moved to a page of its own and then it was put on the main page and then we did some PR around it.

Legal: Yeah, I know, I thought that n00bs would find it more easily :)

Mychaeel: My point is that usually inventions like Mod Ideas follow a need, not vice-versa.

Legal: Ok, delete it if nobody posts here within a week :)

Oxygen: I've been pimping the page a bit, so I cleaned it up

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Maybe this page should be called [Static Mesh Group Ideas]? like Mod Ideas and Map Ideas. Also, there should be a category called [Category Ideas]?, for the idea page.

Mychaeel: The only "ideas" page that has been widely embraced yet is Mod Ideas. There's no need for a category for a single page.

Legal: What if you add Textures too? It's basically same need for it. I think the big prob is to get ppl posting here at all.

Mychaeel: As far as I can see there obviously is no need; otherwise people would be coming and posting. They did on Mod Ideas even when it was still hidden as a subpage of somebody's personal page and not being advertised at all. They do not on this page or on Map Ideas. Doesn't that strike you as odd?

Legal: Maybe, but everybody irl thinks I'm odd, maybe it's in the transition :) Delete it then, I don't care :)

Dade: I am looking for a model of a high-tech rifle/sniperrifle model for use in my mutator, AutoTrueSniper. If you have anything that you would like to let me use (of course, you will be mentioned numerouse times), please drop me a line at Dade@carolina.rr.com. Thnx

Mychaeel: Renamed this page.

Niper: I am working to create maps for a realistic mod ( [Majestic12] if you're interested), though I am not on the team yet, I still need somebody to create a few custom static meshes from time to time since I don't have any 3D editing programs. Thus I will likely make a few requests on here from time to time for my maps. A former alias of mine was JustaAverageKid, but since I forgot the userID to that since it has been so long, I just decided to go by my latest alias, sorry for any inconvenience that might cause the Wiki administration :P.

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