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Static Mesh Package

This is a list of known Static Mesh packages. Use the Static Mesh Browser to examine these packages. Note: Do Not Alter Default Packages.

Several packages have alternative skins for the SMs in a texture package, eg HumanoidHardwareBrush.UTX contains skins for HumanoidHardware.

Unreal Tournament 2003

Static Mesh Pack Theme and type (eg. alien, lights) Uses Dominant Hue
AWHardware? blades, fans and signs meathouses bloody or rusty metal
AWMagicHardware? Portal with a camera client texture Can be used as a viewport of some kind green and purple
AWPipes? Tech-Metal decos 2 meshes: bundled pipes, and steel grating rusted metal
AWStellarMeshes? a flat moon and a ball with stars all around it, purdy skybox black and white
AW_AlleriaHW? pipes from geothermal plumbing, very big plumbing bone
AbaddonHardware? lights, supports, walkways, cages and strange plants Evil but could be used for industrial reddy-brown
AlienTech? Forrest Catwalks Tokara style walkways and bridges Brown, Green, Bone
AlleriaHardware? supports, lights, ramps and pipe tubing industrial white and orange
AntalusStatic? trees, rocks and antalus lifts natural bone, green and brown
AnubisStatic? egyptian statues egyptian yellow
ArboreaHardware? bushes, trees and tokara hardware natural green and bone
ArboreaLandscape? cliff walls natural brown
BarrenHardware-epic? rim, statues, decorations egyptians yellow
BarrenHardware? Egyptian-styled decos Decorations, supports, and some lights Black and Gold
BastienHardware? a large tower, some pipes, some ramps industrial brown
BulldogMeshes? Bulldog vehicle 2 meshes: Bulldog and a wheel Yellow
CP_Nightmare1_Epic? a ring of fog, some walls, and some of the beautiful architecture from curse3 evil brown and red
CavernStatic? some walkways and some caverns natural/industrial brown and metallic grey
Citadel_Static? Big tower, spikey mine, rocks, bridges, grass, spikey plants, doorframe Rusty metal spikey stuff (?)
Comp? (?) (?) (?)
E_Pickups? (?) (?) (?)
EffectMeshes? (?) (?) (?)
Egypt_techmeshes_Epic? (?) (?) (?)
EndGame-New? (?) (?) (?)
EndStatic? Stone pillars, rocks, stone deco's stairs, dead tree Old stone stuff (?)
Epic_November2? The Ship. Erm a ship! (?)
Face3_decomeshes? (?) (?) (?)
G_Finalset1_M_CP? Doorway, Hallbrace, Lightbrace Futuristic Mechanical Metallic, Blue
GeneralStatic? Bits from Geothermal including a powertube, piples and wires Industrial metal
GeothermalStatic? (?) (?) (?)
Goose? (?) (?) (?)
HumanoidHardware? Antennae, braces, columns/supports, walkways, beams, misc deco, grates, lights, big pipes, concrete walls. Alternative skins in HumanoidHardwareBrush texture package Army/city themed. (?)
IceCliffs? Rock cliffs with snow caps Boundaries of snowy levels White
Industrial_Static? Girders & supports, pipes, rails, stone & blank columns, wall panels. Industrial (?)
JWDecember? Bunker, vent, light cones. Army stuff (?)
NvidiaLogo M (?) (?) (?)
ParticleMeshes? (?) (?) (?)
Pipe_Static? Interior panels (walls/ceilings), wall-mounted industrial items, supports Industrial interiors Metal/concrete
Pipe_staticmeshes? Earlier versions (not properly centered) of some from PipeStatic Not needed (?)
PlungeMeshes? (?) (?) (?)
ProcMeshes? (?) (?) (?)
SC-Intro_Meshes? (?) (?) (?)
SC_Volcano_M? (?) (?) (?)
ShiptechHardware? Techy stuff, in the style of UT's blue Tech textures. Seen in DM-Fluid. Metal roofs, aerials, pipey stuff, steps, floors, doorways, walls, jumppad, fan, tubes, industrial stuffage. Industrial (?)
SurvivalGuideMeshes? 2 door panels and misc lock parts for a sliding door, a tv monitor model, 1 wall panel (?) (?)
TowerStatic? Contains the Static Meshes that form CTF-Maul. Tower/bunker, grass, wire fence, dead tree, landpad, lightpost, sphere tank, ringwire, spotlights, trees, bush, wall, broken wall. External, nature settings(!?) Night metals
TroffHardware? 1 tall square tower piece and 1 nifty teardrop-shaped sky-ball with a warp drive effect shader (?) (?)
Trophy_endroom? Tournament trophies and the architecture for the end game Use sparingly, it's from a cutscene so it's all high-poly (?)
VehicleMeshes? 2 complete 'hoverbike' models where are these from, the intro cutscene? (?)
WastelandHardware Giant rib cage (from the Vehicle Test) Ancient / Nightmare Neutral
WeaponStaticMesh All the UT2003 weapon pickup meshes here (?) (?)
XGame StaticMeshes Gametype specific like BR gates, DOM controlpoints etc (?) (?)
XceptOneObjA A door from DM-Flux NewTech / Space Metal
cf DE Collision, corpses and meshes from DM-Gael NewTech / Space Metal
cf_sm01? Space static meshes and skybox effects. Asteroids, planets, floors, doorframes, planet rings, windows, tube brace/lift. Space Metal
cf_sm02? CTF-Face 3 static meshes. Anubis, complete floor sections etc. Egyptian Tan / Light Browns
cp_wasteland_mesh? A lot of ruined castle walls and towers Ancient Browns / Grays
epic_phobos? Two static meshes out of DM-Phobos. A Radar and a Wing Space Metal
sg_UT2003_pickups? Jumpboots! Jumpboots (already been done) Metal
skyline-meshes-epic? Wall sections, pillars and trim; low-poly background buildings; blimp; some converted BSP from an old version Mostly only useful for rooftop maps, pillars and wall-sections might be handy elsewhere white
wm meshes Mainly the egyptian meshes used in BR-TwinTombs. Walls, pillars, corners and trims. Egyptian levels. Tan, light browns

Where do I find...?

Shiptech, ... ...
individual steps
trees & grass
TowerStatic (the grass static mesh found in Antalus)


(add to this list as needed)

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