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The Stealth mutator does exactly what you would expect. It provides every player with the invisibility powerup making them tough to see. Be warned though - this mutator places a fairly hefty load on the PC so you might notice a drop in framerate - especially when there are a few players on the screen.

This mutator is particularly silly when combined with the Eavy Darkmatch 3 mutator.


Inherited From Mutator

bool AlwaysKeep(Actor (UT) Other)
This function returns true for all instances of UT Stealth.
bool CheckReplacement(Actor (UT) Other, out byte bSuperRelevant)
This function performs a couple of actions. The first is to remove all instances of the UT Invisibility class from the level (the invisibility powerup). The second is to create a UT_Stealth inventory object and give it to the player. The inventory object is given a huge charge (9999999999) so it lasts forever in game terms.

Category Class (UT)

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