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DM-nali sacrifice (yup i'm gonna change that)

i'm currently working on a tomb-styled DM map for [ye olde UT] and have not the slightest clue how to make most of the things I would like to. It's called DM-nali sacrifice. yeah, i know, i really need to work on my map naming skills. ahh well, it's coming along quite well. there will be plenty of secret-ish passages which really aren't secret because they are the only way to navigate around the map. it was inspired by the temple level from [perfect dark] and [goldeneye64] neither of which i play. Heh heh... no, i'm not insane.

DM-semisolid (i am so obsessive)

i'm also currently working on a simple map prettymuch made up of two mirrored sections. in the first half all of the adds are additive brushes, and in the second half all of the adds are semisolid brushes. really the only point of the map is to see which half of the map runs better if the only zone separator is what separates the two major halves! so the gamplay will probably suck. it's really just going to have a network of complicated passages and a big room of odd brushes for each half. if you have any suggestions to make the engine really suffer (so that it is easier to figure out which side runs faster) please tell me!

DM-pinnacle (this name is so decieving)

this map is going to be really fun because is is four large rooms that are completely identical along with their connecting passageways and decorations. the only way to navigate is to know what weapons are where! if this idea is confusing for you, just think of a four-way yin yan. The whole name comes from the interior/exterior structure of the buiding that ends in a totally pointless tower.

the newb map-maker strikes again section!

volumetric chains

and volumetric chains are made to be solid how? i can't seem to make them solid without them feeling like randomly flickering in and out of existence. mind you i am running [ye olde UT]. ahh, nevermind i'll figure it out myself.

Tarquin: they're not. Create them as solid or nonsolid, it's all the same, you'll always walk right through them. You need to add a BlockAll.

Sudsyman73: oh... yes this is quite true... very useful... i had tried making an invisible semisolid cylindar around the chain (16radius X 512height X 8sides) this didn't work because it ended up making the chain invisible too...

poltergiest movers

on DM-Pinnacle i have had a really serious problem! please download it real quick (right-click and select "save as") and then try it! i don't know why, but when you touch the four movers in the center you freeze and the rest of the game keeps going. you can't even pause it (esc)! please [download it] and help me out! just go toward the lighted doorway and you'll firgure it out.

Foxpaw: The solution to this was actually quite simple. Although you apparently removed the original brush you used to build the mover, you do not appear to have rebuilt the map afterward. As a result, the mover was inside the BSP and couldn't move. I rebuilt the map and it seemed to work fine after that.

Sudsyman73: really? that's odd. i rebuild everytime i save... ahh whatever...thanks!

BSP holes, somebody kill the UEd goblin please!

now that i've read up a little (very little) on it i can at least speak with some illusion of intelligence.... the problems i'm having are HOMs on textures which will soon showing the skybox anyway, so does it matter?

where did i come from section?

if you want to find out who i am and where the hell i came from, [Ductape & Steel Wool] is my homepage. it exemplifies all things me. if you don't want to go there (and i don't understand why you wouldn't!) you can just read the next few half-assed sentences. i'm 16 and odd. i live in new hampshire and am a sophomore at [Saint Thomas Aquinas High School]. please help me out with excuses to leave this school, i'm sick of religious education. i'm a geek-wannabe which is the lowest of the low as you probably already know. i play [ye olde UT] online as Dust_to_Dust and [Continuum] as rivet73

MythOpus: To make those chains solid, instead of click the ADD button, right click on the Special button and siwtch the Solidity to Solid instead of Semi-Solid or non-Solid

Tarquin: don't talk rot, Myth. Volumetric brushbuilder makes sheets. Sheets can never block. As I said above, use a BlockAll actor

MythOpus: I didn't know they could never block... that answers a lot of questions I've had from UED2 o_O

Tarquin: see Sheet :)

Sudsyman73: thanks all!

Sudsyman73: hey, can i occasionally upload an image for use on this page as long as i delete it afterwards? (such as chain.jpg which i have deleted) if i find an image in the database already loaded on the wiki i will avoid uploading new ones obviously... thanks!

Mychaeel: Sure you can – that's what the image uploader is for (just not for images used outside the Unreal Wiki). Go ahead. :-)

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