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Surface Context Menu

The surface context menu is what pops up when you right-click on a surface in a 3D UnrealEd Viewport.

Menu items

Surface Properties...
Opens the Surface Properties Window. Choose this to set options about the texture alignment, flags, etc.
Add light here
Places an invisible Light (UT) (shows up as a torch in the editor) over the selected surface. Read the sections about Lighting for more on this.
Align Selected
Select surfaces →
see Selecting Surfaces for the list of these commands and their keyboard equivalent.
Select all surfaces
selects all surfaces in the map
Select None
deselects all surfaces in the map
Apply Texture
makes the selected surface's texture the surface that is currently selected in the Texture Browser. This is equivalent to ALT - CLICK on a surface.

Cutting and Pasting Textures

In the editor shipped with UT2003 you can copy and paste textures between surfaces in the following way:

  • Select the surface
  • Right click on the surface you wish to copy the texture settings from and select the Edit → Copy option.
  • Select the surface you want to paste onto and select the Edit → Paste → Here option.

This operation copies texture scaling values as well as the texture so it's really useful if you are aligning textures over a number of days.

With the mouse:

  • ALT - R CLICK to copy a texture.
  • ALT - L CLICK to apply the texture
  • CTRL - ALT - L CLICK to apply the texture with the scaling too.

EntropicLqd: Does this cheat by changing the current texture? If so then the menu version and the mouse version are not quite equivalent as I don't remember the menu version changing the current texture.

Tarquin: yes, it "picks up" the texture and makes it current

the above should probably be moved to Selecting Surfaces

EntropocLqd: Possibly - although it then ought to be made Selecting and Modifying Surfaces. I'm going to leave it here for a bit and slap a category to do at the bottom of the page. The context menu in UEd 3 doesn't match what's written here and needs updating. I've also blatted the comments section - not really needed.

Tarquin: Let's keep titles simple to link to :D

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