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UT's Team DeathMatch game type and the base class of all team-based UT game types.


Configurable properties

config bool bNoTeamChanges
No team changes are allowed.
globalconfig bool bBalanceTeams
Bots change teams to maintain team balance.
globalconfig bool bPlayersBalanceTeams
Players are forced to change teams to maintain team balance.
config float FriendlyFireScale
Scale friendly fire damage by this value.
config int MaxTeams
Maximum number of teams allowed in the game. (up to MaxAllowedTeams)
config float GoalTeamScore
Like FragLimit, but team-based.
config int MaxTeamSize
Maximum number of players allowed in each team.

Other Properties

localized string TeamChangeMessage, TeamPrefix
localized string TeamColor[4]
A string
localized string StartUpTeamMessage, StartupTeamTralier
Used to display the "You are on <color>." message. (I wonder why they didn't use Message Placeholder here...)
bool bSpawnInTeamArea
Players are respawned in their team's base
bool bScoreTeamKills
int NumSupportingPlayer
bool bBalancing
int MaxAllowedTeams
Maximum number of teams allowed in this game type. (the maximum number technically possible)
TeamInfo (UT) Teams[4]
The TeamInfo (UT) objects used to store team-specific information.
int NextBotTeam
byte TEAM_Red, TEAM_Blue, TEAM_Green, TEAM_Gold
name CurrentOrders[4]
int PlayerTeamNum

Known subclasses

Category Class (UT)

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