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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Triggers (UT) >> Trigger >> TeamTrigger (Package: Botpack)
UT2003 :: Actor >> Triggers >> Trigger >> TeamTrigger (Package:Gameplay)

A TeamTrigger is a Trigger which can be set to ignore players of a certain team.


bool bTimed
byte Team
This is the team which does not trigger the TeamTrigger. This is very much the opposite of how you would expect it to work. Basically, if you want a door that only red players (team 0) can enter, set this value to 1.

The problem with this is if you have more than two teams, as you do in both MultiCTF and CTF4. MultiCTF has a special subclass of Trigger called MCTFTeamOnlyTrigger that works by setting the Team value to be the team which will set off the trigger.

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