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Teleportation Basics

It's not that hard to set up a Teleporter right, as long as you know how. Some useful reading before you start:

Is this valid for UT2003?

The basic thing to bear in mind is the following properties of the Teleporter actor:

  • Events → Tag sets the "address" of this teleporter
  • Teleporter → URL sets the place this teleporter will send things to

Set up some space for two teleporters; maybe two room connected by a corridor or a single long room. Then,

  1. Add an Actor >> NavigationPoint >> Teleporter >> VisibleTeleporter to each room.
  2. Match these tags:
    • First teleporter: Teleporter → URL
    • Second teleporter: Events → Tag
  3. The first teleporter will now teleport to the second: we have a one-way system set up. To make the system work both ways, match these tags too:
    • First teleporter: Events → Tag
    • Second teleporter: Teleporter → URL

Teleporters can be confusing, because they act as destinations and departures. The Tag property of a teleporter sets its name. The URL property gives the name of the destination this teleporter will send things to.

Tip To check you haven't got the tags the wrong way round, select BOTH teleporters and look at their properties. Both the URL and the Tag boxes should be empty – because the properties are different. If they're not empty, it's because they match, which is wrong.

Add a PlayerStart and test your map. If it doesn't work, I've really messed up or you haven't followed this tutorial.


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