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Every actor that enters a TeleporterZone automatically touches the associated Teleporter.

The TeleporterZone requires at least two teleporters to function correctly. One teleporter is used to specify the destination of the zone, and the others act as the zone's destinations.

It's probably easier to think of the Zone as acting as a proxy for the first teleporter. Just set up the teleporters as you normally would and then specify the Tag of the teleporter that will be used by the TeleporterZone as the zone's TeleporterTag.

It's probably not wise to teleport into a teleporter zone.

A good alternative to teleport zones if you are only taking up a box or a small area is to use a normal teleporter (not visible) and just change the collision radius to something bigger so that it takes up the space that you were going to use to a TeleportZone for and saves you lots of time.


name TeleporterTag
Specifies the Tag of the "proxy" teleporter. Anything that enters the TeleporterZone also touches the proxy teleporter. Its URL value is used to locate the destination teleporter.
Teleporter MyTeleporter
(Script only) A reference to the "proxy" teleporter.

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