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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> TerrainInfo

This actor hold all the information required to display a terrain: layers, textures, alpha channels, heightmap etc. The zone this actor is in must also have the ZoneInfo actor set to ZoneInfo → bTerrainZone to true.


The position of the actor determines the position of the terrain. Therefore it's a good idea to set this actor on-grid. Do Actor Context Menu → Reset → Move to Origin after adding it; and set its Advanced → bEdShouldSnap = True if you need to move it afterwards.


bool bKCollisionHalfRes
This option means use half the graphics res for [Karma collision]?. Note - Karma ignores per-quad info (eg. 'invisible' and 'edge-turned') with this set to true.
float DecoLayerOffset
array<DecorationLayer?> DecoLayers
see Terrain Decoration Layer
bool Inverted
the terrain is rendered upside-down. Used for cave ceilings etc
array[32] Layers
see Terrain Texture Layer
Texture TerrainMap
the heightmap of the terrain
vector TerrainScale
int TerrainSectorSize
Texture VertexLightMap

Related Topics

Foxpaw: Not sure where this should go exactly, but terrain appears to be like a blocking sheet - it has no "substance." Sometimes Ragdolls find a way to slither onto the other side of the terrain, and once something is on the other side it will just fall. As far as why that's relevant - well, things like a third person camera can end up on the underside of the terrain for instance, or anything else that moves itself without using the native physics.

MythOpus: Yep. And on certain maps, you were able to teleport yourself into them using the translocator :) I do believe this can probably be fixed up...

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