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Testing Lab

This page is a place to post your test servers and receive discussion from people that visit the server. Ask for specific input or just leave discussion open for any findings. People who visit your server with the heart to really try to help will be more likely to visit servers that are posted to gather feedback on specific aspects of the project. These are the people who will give you the most useful discussion.

Please, come back and remove your server or at least update the status. Removing the server when no testing is wanted would be best.

Note: Short names for your test servers will make the Quick Navigation a great help in manuevering this list as the page gets more populated.

Running a Test Server

If you have broadband and your machine is usually online you can run a server from a batch file that has a short-cut in your startup folder. Then everytime you reboot your server goes back up and is online.

You can get a copy of the UTServerOnly436.zip from [http://unreal.epicgames.com/tournamentversions.htm]. You can download updates for the server from [http://utpg.org/], but I've heard somepeople say that they cannot connect to the 4.51 version.) Run it from its own folder. It will not conflict with your regular game unless you have it on when you play and someone hit's your test server, then you might notice the cpu usage limiting you in your game (I turn my test server off when I play online).

Accessing this test server from your regular UT installation should give you a pretty good test as it will go out on the internet to come back and connect to the server. Getting rid of all files needed to join the server from your UT Dir will force you to download them upon joining. This will ensure the purity of the test (I don't think that would work very well if you were running the dedicated server from your regular installation ;P ).

Note: If you have been working on your mod, map, whatever, and updating your test server, you may have junk in your server's ini file. Maybe you run 2 or 3 parts of your mod for testing and now your running the whole mod.. make sure you've edited out ServerPackages lines or ServerActors lines that you know longer use... otherwise it will make testers download a lot of junk they don't need.


I'm sure this page will be lots of fun for people to come and just check out the works in progress. I don't think these servers will ever get so populated as for that to be a problem. But, please don't jump in and start shooting if some else is there testing. They maybe in the middle of examing an area where they thought they saw a sparkle of BSD hole or trying to find the exact spot where they went through an unintended warp.

Read the Analyz section before you join. There may be a request that you don't use certain features such as chat or other instructions. These servers feature works in progress and may be delicate at this stage.

To be the best help you can be, please take a moment and visit A Bug's Life. This will be much more an informal statement of your findings but there is information there that will help you contribute good and usefull data.

Unreal Wiki nor its sponsors will be held responsible for any undesireable outcome of connecting to any of the servers posted on this page or anywhere else on this site. Be the unfortunate result of connecting to one these servers intentional or not, these servers are posted by public visitors world-wide and maliciouse intent or missuse of this site is not controllable by Unreal Wiki or by its sponsors to a degree high enough to promise saftey in connecting your computer to these servers.

Test Server: C H 3 Z Test Server

Game Join Server Date Status
UT unreal:// 11/02/03 Testing
InstaVsSniper is running on the server. It should be Instagibers (Blue Team) against Snipers (Red Team) with 999 ammo.
Not really testing, but if you find any problems please let me know.
Known Issues
This mod is finished! If it's not perfect please note issues here. (HaHaHa If you wonder about your score, I'm running another mutator on this server that i just made where your score for each kill is equal to your ping at the time of the kill.)


CH3Z: InstaVsSniper was created at Mod Ideas/InstaVsSniper. Link to download this mod is posted on that page. Scripters Wanted to make versions for UT2003 and other games.

Ch3z: Any comments are welcome here. And I would sure like to see more servers here, even if you just put up one for viewers' interest. Would be nice to see any models you have made even check out your maps. C'mon, its show and tell time! =P

Foxpaw: That's an interesting idea to balance out the advantage given by having a lower ping, but is the advantage that great to warrant that much of a benefit? I mean, a guy with 400 ping may have some difficulty with the sniper rifle or instagib, but he'll probrably still hit sometimes, while a person with, say a 50 ping, will have to work insanely hard to keep up with high-pingers who just "spray and pray."

Ch3z: Yeah, it's probably steep. Was toying with the idea. Maybe a more elaborate version would be to rate the kill according to the difference between your ping and the guy's ping who just killed. Or maybe we just laff and move on =P.
MYTHO noooooo bring back your server! I wanna Seeeeee! =)

MythOpus: So sorry man. I don't have a dedicated server without running ut2k3.. and I have so much coding/testing to do, I won't be able to run it at all :'(

Test Server: Your Test Server

Game Join Server Date Status
UT[x] unreal://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:PORT 00/00/00 Not Testing
Describe the mod, map or whatever your testing here.
List specific tests you need here.
Known Issues
Here is where you avoid recursive negative comments. =)


This is a dummy post to use as a format template. Please leave this template as the last post.

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Page Discussion

Ch3z: Thanks Grafik. I think you took this in the right direction. Much easier to edit server list with this format. I thought the opening page description looked like more of an interjection in that box, but the other note is good that way.

GRAF1K: What is the Date section? Date server began running? This page was a good idea; I'll be using it shortly. :-)

Ch3z: What I had in mind was last time the post was updated here, should clarify i suppose. Whatever it's used for.. if the date is 3 months old its clearly stale, but i guess if the server is still running after 3 months i'd leave it up. I look forward to seeing something your working on =)

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