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Text Editor

Text editing applications

  • ConTEXT – Free full featured text editor
  • jEdit – Open source code editor, with UnrealScript syntax highlighting
  • EditPlus
  • TextPad – All-purpose text editor, with syntax highlighting for most languages including UnrealScript
  • Proton – Free text editor with syntax highlighting for many languages
  • UltraEdit – Excellent hex/text editor with syntax highlighting/ctags support and more
  • UPad – A small editor with syntax highlighting
    http://www.xs4all.nl/~wetering/unreal/upad.zip (246kb)
  • UCEditor – An IDE for UnrealScript as a plugin for [eclipse]
  • Vim – Vi IMproved! The best VI clone with built-in UnrealScript syntax highlighting and ctags support. http://www.vim.org
  • VisualUC – Great graphic interface tool for editing and compiling scripts. You don't have to delete the .u file to recompile the .uc files, like in UCC!
  • WOTgreal – WOTgreal, the editing tool for the Unreal® Engine. An All-in-One IDE for writting, compiling, and running UnrealScript.

/Feature Matrix

El Muerte TDS: maybe it's an idea to create a /feature matrix of the above editors

Tarquin: Could be a good idea. :) Just make it as a table.

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