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The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), available at [www.gimp.org]

You should find a version for almost any platform. (And its Free)

Terrain Maps for UT2003

Generating a terrain map for UT2003 is pretty simple in The GIMP.

A few quick easy steps to have a nice random terrain map.

  1. Create a New image.
  2. Right click in image goto filters → render → Clounds → Plasma2
  3. Tweak settings to your pleasure and hit "OK"
  4. Right click in image goto filters → Blur → Blur
  5. Run it 30-50 times depending on how smooth you want the terrain. (Theres a repeat # of times option)
  6. Tweak till you have what you want.
  7. save as bitmap.

And your done.

This seems to generate terrain that is a bit "bumpy" in spots but running the in-editor smooth over it seems to work wonders.

But how do I install the damn thing?


On the console, type: apt-get install gimp

For RedHat, Mandrake, Suse

(and other RPM based Linux distributions): If you selected The GIMP while installing the distribution, it's probably already installed. If not, use the software manager or package manager of your distribution to install it (or if you prefer the console, use rpm).

For Gentoo

On the console, type: emerge gimp
You may want to try emerge -p gimp first to see what is actually going to be installed.
If installed, you can also use kportage.

M$ Windows

[Download installer here]
The official homepage is [here]; seperate packages of precompiled dependencies can be found here too.

Mac OS X

Go to [the MacGIMP site]. YOu have to buy a CD :( no download

Eldhrin: The Gimp will run on Mac OS X if you've got X on X or Apple's X11 server - you can get all the required stuff as part of the Fink project. I suspect that with the recent port of GTK+ 1.2 to use Aqua directly, fewer hoops will soon be required to run Gimp on OS X :)

Everything else

Try compiling the sources which can be downloaded from http://www.gimp.org or check your distribution's package management system if it has one

See also

Creating Textures
There's a small tutorial for adding alpha to images at the bottom

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