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About Me

My real name is Arjen Baarsma, I live in the Netherlands and was born in 1986 (I am currently 17).

At first I only had Unreal and I immediately liked the editor. I slowly learned how map-making worked by looking at the original maps. I also saw the scripts and really wanted to do something with it, but all attempts turned out to nothing.

When I had gotten UT I decided to look at scripts again and found the mutators (in the editor). When I opened them, htey didn't seem that complex, so I tried making my own.

I made a mutator that gave you 20 life for every kill (with no max, nice in face), by looking at fatmatch for the scorekill function and the health-pickup scripts for the life-gain. After finding out how to actually compile the scripts (still in the UT editor) my mutator actually worked. After that first mutator I really didn't make anything else (except for a mutator that made all light-emitters give off green light) until I found this site and downloaded WOTGreal.

At first I started making lots of mutators etc, but I haven't done anything recently (the vacation's over :()


I put Aradd.zip on the internet and I think you should now be able to download it at Aradd.



Tarquin: Hi, welcome to the wiki :)

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