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The Twiggman

Packed Up My Instagib Rifle, Im Retired From UT

But Im Back In Business With 2K3

Name: Andrew Gollat

Codenames: The Twiggman, QP|CyraX (UT) Captin Insano (TFC) Darth Polynomial (JK2:JO)

Clan: QP

Age: 17

Grade: 12

Email: Captin_nugget@hotmail.com

My Maps Are Available At: [HERE]Currently 30 Maps

Occupation: Computer Programmer/Mapper

Hobbies: Programming, Playstation, Nalicity, Mapping, Skateboarding

Favorite Games: Well UT but now my disk is busted, awww, Total Annhilation, Half Life.

Current Computer: Pentium 4, 2.5 GHz, 512 mb DDR Ram, 128mb Radeon 9500 Pro, Cd Burner and Rom. Packin Some Heat

Car: Jeep Cheroke Larado <– Niceness

Website: [Personal Website] or [SUFI Concepts Skateteam] Yes I'm On A Skateteam

Current Mapping Project: With Lunar Insanity 2003 done, Im looking for new ideas, maybe another space, lol I like that now. So fun to make.

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Tarquin: hallo. here's your official wiki welcome pack. it comprises one (1) cookie. :) BTW, I've moved this page so clicking on your name in RC goes here.

The Twiggman you are busy. I had to leave in the middle of linking the page to my name so thanks. :)

Birelli: I kind of hacked around the naming problem in the contributors list but without being an admin like Tarq there isn't much I can do ;-)

Tarquin: renaming pages is one of the few things admins are good for round here ;)

The Twiggman: and answering questions, setting up the whole thing, being on it more than anyone else and moderating bad words. (If their was no admins this page wouldn't be here to make fun of)

Birelli: When the admins are answering questions, being on it a lot, and moderating bad words they're just being active contributors, since all three of those are something anyone can do

The Twiggman: I just contribute when I learn something worth documenting that isn't already documented. (Or I didn't see documented, Had that happen already)IMO this is a deadly way to truly document something and for some reason there hasn't been any problems with bad users because everyone respects the topic. :)

The Twiggman: Wow haven't been around here in a while, think this profile needs a nice update.

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