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The toolbar is the thing that runs along the top of the UnrealEd Interface main window, under the UnrealEd Main Menu.

Looking for info on the buttons down the left-hand side of the window? That's the toolbox.



  1. New, Open, Save
  2. Undo, Redo
  3. Seach: opens the Actor Search window.
  4. Opens the 2D Shape Editor window.
  5. Opens the [Script Editor]? window for editing UnrealScript
  6. Opens the Actor properties window for the selected actor(s).
  7. Opens the Surface properties window for the surface(s) selected in the 3D UnrealEd Viewport.
  8. Playtest the map.
  9. Context Help


  1. Actor Class Browser.
  2. Group Browser.
  3. Music Browser.
  4. Sound Browser.
  5. Texture Browser.
  6. Mesh Browser.
  7. Prefab Browser.
  8. Static Mesh Browser.
  9. Animation Browser.


  1. Build Unreal Geometry only.
  2. Build lighting only.
  3. Build changed lighting only
  4. Build paths only: see Pathnoding
  5. Build changed paths only
  6. Build with the options most recently set in the Build window
  7. Opens the Build window.

Also note that there are some (hacked) version of UnrealEd with extra buttons.

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