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This is the UNREAL WIKI bus stop.

Unreal Wiki is a young wiki site. Our initial aim was to document the engine and editing tools for the First-Person-Shooter game engine Unreal (and other games based on it, such as Unreal Tournament and UT2003). Since our launch in January 2002, we've expanded our horizons somewhat: general software architecture for games, AI, the game modding scene etiquette, open source, computer-generated architecture and more.

Bus connections:

Pages to Visit Here

We start covering the next generation game here!

Getting started with UnrealEditor.

Documentation for Unreal's Java-style scripting language.

EBNF specification for UnrealScript

The pitfalls and successes of the mod scene.

Mappers and coders write about their learning curves and ideas

New and cool widgets to add to maps and mods.

Musings and ramblings on everything and anything: how to be successful in modding, Perl, fatherhood and so on.

Mychaeel's Perl OO Wiki markup parser

a programming language written in UnrealScript

Notes for the natives

The natives are invited to suggest pages.

This page is under construction. We need to write a bit about ourselves here...

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GRAF1K: There seems to be a bit of duplication between this page and Featured Pages. Thoughts?

Tarquin: I don't think it's a problem. Featured Pages is more "what's new & cool"

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