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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Light (UT) >> TriggerLight (Package: Engine and UnrealShare)
UT2003 :: Actor >> Light >> TriggerLight (Package: Gameplay)

A light actor that can be made to turn on and off using a Trigger actor. A map's lighting must be rebuilt for the effect to be visible. The TriggerLight will appear lit in UnrealEd even if it will be initially off in the game.

Keep in mind that in the newer Unreal Engine builds dynamic lights shine through solid walls. So plan ahead if you don't want the light to appear in other rooms.

For some reason there are two identical TriggerLight classes in the Engine and UnrealShare packages in Unreal and UT. You shouldn't worry about that too much, though.

Daemonica: Minor question, but in UT2003 does this still appear lit in the editor, I've just built a level and it's unlit. Not a problem, but perhaps could be clarified here!


TriggerLight Group

bool bDelayFullOn
Whether the brightness should smoothly fade between 0 and the initial LightBrightness value.
bool bInitiallyOn
Whether the light is initially on. For instance, if the state is set to "TriggerTurnsOff" you must set this to true for something to happen.
float ChangeTime
This sets the amount of time (in seconds) for the light to fade between its set brightness and zero.
float RemainOnTime
Only used by TriggerPound state. How long the TriggerPound effect lasts.

Daemonica: Does bDelayFullOn work properly with ChangeTime in UT2003... I've tried using it and the light works spot on with static meshes, but doesn't "fade" in or out on bsp. Any pointers here?


float Alpha
float Direction
Whether the light currently goes on or off.
float InitialBrightness
Saved initial LightBrightness value.
float poundTime
How long the TriggerPound effect already lasts.
Actor SavedTrigger


Light turns on when triggered and then stays on.
Light turns off when triggered and then stays off.
Light flips between on / off each time its triggered
Light turns on when triggered, and switches off when the untriggered (eg the player steps out of the trigger's range)
From the code, it looks like the light should fade up and down repeatedly for the time specified in the RemainOnTime property.

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