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Trystan/01 16 03


When you join a mod for whatever reason I think one of the things that no one truly estimates correctly is the amount of time required to do the mod you join justice. This is time that I simply don't have between my family and my work. Learning UnrealScript is fun, it's a fun language to write and develop in, but knowledge is worthless if not applied.

The amount of time it takes to learn a language is one requirement. The amout of time it takes to apply it is another. The amount of time required to coordinate and plan is another.

To anyone suggesting creating a mod with or without an experienced team I would request that you seriously consider the time commitment required before joining a team. Disappointing six or seven people because you discover your available time isn't enough.. it's not a fun thing to do.

To all who've worked with me, thank you.


Chazums No, no thank you. I can whole-heartedly agree about the time thing too, computers -for me at least- are terrible for eating time even when i'm not really doing anything. Thanks for all the help and advice m8.

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