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Trystan/11 15 02

11/15/02 New Journal

I've started becoming more and more comfortable with Wiki, and the Journal area seems to be a good place to not only gather my thoughts but leave them in one place as a reference. I find myself doing quite a bit of research and digging at odd times and at odd places; placing the fruits of my research here seems like a good method of organization.

I'm working on an as of yet unannounced mod. Most of the other members of my team have been on a successful mod team in the past so I wager that we have a better than average chance of actually succeeding and making something worthwhile. I don't want the mod to end up dead.. but whether or not that happens depends on how well and how fast I learn UnrealScript and the Unreal Engine.

UC Files

First thing I learned was that the version of UnrealEd that comes in the box with UT2K3 crashes when you try to export code. Fix? Download the 2136 patch and apply it.

The second thing I learned was that the code that UnrealEd extracts isn't complete. You actually need to obtain the source code as released by Epic to have all the defaultproperties and such intact. Mychaeel pointed this out and after downloading and diff'ing the sources he's quite right; the Epic source is much more complete.

Third thing I learned was that most of the tutorials for Unreal and Unreal Tournament are simply going to confuse the hell out of you when you try to use them with UT2K3. Most important change?


class YourClass extends UT2K3Class

and not

class YourClass expands UT2K3Class

Expands in UT2K3 source will give you a class definition error. Not exactly intuitive and you'll probably scratch your head for an hour trying to figure out what the hell UCC is complaining about.

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