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Trystan/11 16 02

11/16/02 Classes beginning or ending with numbers.

One of the weapons the mod I'm working on is going to include is an M16A2. A few others are probably going to be the M60, M79, M3, and various other weapons that end in a digit. Apparently this is a bad thing because ucc complains if a class name (and thus the filename) starts or ends with a number. Starting with we can handle via methods as needed; there's not many items we'll be working with that will start with a number. However, for the items that end with a number we're going to append an x at the end of the class name. I.e. M16A2X, M60X, M79X, M3X. What does the X mean? Nothing. It's there solely to keep ucc from issuing a warning regarding the class name. (It's a warning, by the way, and not an error that ucc gives. We could use the class names without modification but frankly warnings are there for a reason.)

There's apparently quite a few files involved in completely creating a new weapon. Each weapon then requires a new projectile. Well, "require" isn't a good word to use. The G36E and the Famas both fire the NATO 5.56 ammunition so the same ammunition could be used for both. Whether or not their muzzle velocity is the same is another matter entirely and that's a question for another of our team members.

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