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Types Of Pathnode

This page gives a quick summary of the types of Pathnode and what they are used for. These are all children of the NavigationPoint class.

Bot Navigation


The basic pathnode actor.

LiftCenter & LiftExits

Used to add bot support to lifts. See Pathnoding Lifts for details.

JumpSpot & LiftExits

A variant of the LiftCenter/LiftExit combination. Tells bots where they can jump with boots, and how to use kickers. (Kickers are a pain. Theories on how to actually make them work on Pathnoding Kickers)

TranslocDest & LiftExits

A Variant of the LiftCenter/LiftExit combination. Tells bots where they can trasnlocate to/from providing the translocator is in use. See Pathnoding translocators for details

Bot Tactics


Mainly for Singleplayer missions. With the pawns orders set to Ambushing and their ordertag set to the tag of one or more ambushpoint-ags they may randomly spawn there. Ambushpoints can also tell the pawn that this is a good place to lay out an ambush for the player rather so rather than persueing the player he may go to this point and wait the player out (however I use alarmpoints for this:)


Tells bots that its a good place to defend a base or control point in a team game.

Monster Tactics

PatrolPoint, HomeBase, AlarmPoint

These work with ScriptedPawns (ie monsters) to script complex behaviour.

Spawning points


Teleporter, VisibleTeleporter, YawTeleporter

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