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Ucc Make Columns

Well, this page has an annoyingly long name since I had to go ahead and name my column for modsquad after the compile command ucc (which I assume could have its own linkage) :)

When Bean took over modsquad he sent out a notice for writing and I responded it. It resulted in what was first a weekly, then near weekly, and now with the new [modsquad] non-weekly column about modding and game design in general. I originally meant to do something pretty technical, but it never turned out that way. I think their overall value is questionable and put them here mostly for preservation's sake.

Due to the nature of these columns, only minor edits and comments should probably be applied.

RegularX: there are days when I think all I do is cut, copy, paste...

Mychaeel: Mind if I move the individual columns to be subpages of this overview page?

Tarquin: We could give them the actual names of the columns too, eg [Ucc Make Columns/2 So You Wanna Code?]?

RegularX: Sounds good to me Mych - I should have thought of that. Changing the page names might make some sense, I just usually like short links :) (<- lazy! )

EntropicLqd: Nice columns. I enjoyed reading them.

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