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UMod Browser

UMod Browser is an external utility to unpacking any files from an Unreal Module (UMOD file) and is created by Jan "eGo" Urbansky (Jan).

Version 1.3 is currently available at http://www.ego-creations.de



  • Open some UMod files
  • Install the current opened UMod
  • List and extraction of any files inside an UMod
  • Works with several UMod file formats
  • Add your favorite UMod file format


[UMod Browser picture gallery]


[UMod Browser 1.3] (build 23.12.2003)

Special Thanks

...goes to [Antonio Cordero Balcázar] for his useful Delphi units and creator of UT Package Tool


RegularX: Nicely done. A fine alternative to using and view umods, particularly for people who don't "trust" umods because they can't see what's in them.

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