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Did you ever wonder how to remove the UMOD files you installed? Removing UMOD files is suprisingly simple once you know how to do it.

To remove a UMOD file start UT's Setup utility:

  • Run Setup.exe that is located in the UnrealTournament/System folder
  • go to the Install/Uninstall control pantel and select "Unreal Tournament" there

You will now be presented with a list of installed UMOD files. Just select the UMODs you want to remove and press Next the confirm the selection and press Next again and the selected UMODs will be removed.

To make removing UMODs easier I always create a shotcut to the Setup.exe file in the UnrealTournament folder in the Start menu so I can reach it easily. I am surprised that Epic didn't include such a shortcut during the UT installation.

Mychaeel: In fact, you can also go via the built-in "Install/Uninstall" functionality of Windows. Just select "Unreal Tournament" there, and the same dialog box appears.

Mr.Mitchell:: I never thought of looking there, cause it looks like un-installing UT instead of UMODs. I stumbled upon the Setup.exe by accident :-). I will rewrite the text above to point users to the "Install/Uninstall" functionality of Windows instead of having them mess around the UT/System folder. But I will do it later. Time to sleep now.

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