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Unreal Unit

UU stands for Unreal Units. Any number that represents a distance in Unreal is given in these units. There's also URU, Unreal Rotation Unit, but often UU is used for both length and angle.

See General Scale And Dimensions for comparisons with real units, player metrics etc.



Note that some UnrealScript functions use radians.

Value Degrees Steps per circle
1024 5.625 64 (default step size of the rotation grid)
2730 12 24 (not quite round, it's actually 2730.6666... )
8192 45 8
16384 90 4
24576 135
32768 180 2
65536 360 1 - full circle

To make the Rotation 270 you use -8192, NOT 40960. (Have had problems in UED 2) - Legal

See also the rotation grid in UnrealEd Advanced Options→Editor→RotationGrid, set:


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