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UnrealEd Bug List

A page to list bugs in UnrealEd. Please add to this page, comment on bugs, etc. Unreal Mapping FAQ has some more solutions to a few common problems. See also Crashing UnrealEd for a list of things to avoid.


Highlander: It seems if you try and smooth terrain beyond the boundarys of the terrain itself it tends to crash the editor. (This is with a 512x512 Terrain map in a very large cube.)

Possible workaround: Scale your terrain up a little so it overlaps past the map edge.

Legal: Painting the terrain in UED will, sooner or later crash. After this you have to reboot... :/

UnrealEd and Nvidia Settings

UnrealEd can clash with certain Nvidia settings. If you are having problems with selecting, or with adding textures, go to this thread:


Static Meshes Editor

Trying to 'Refresh Karma Primitives' when the mesh has no collision hull causes a crash.

Tools and Tool Configs

You can no longer type in things like =512-64 in the input fields for the brush tools (like cube, cylinder etc). Hard to know whether it's a bug or a feature that's been deliberately removed.

Fix: don't use the "=" any more. Note that UnrealEd also no longer displays the result of the calculation when you tab out of the field.

Console Commands

This command crashes UnrealEd. Use the DumpIntCommandlet for UCC instead.


Old Unreal 2 buglist

UnrealEd 2 buglist below. Obsolete.

Vertices coming together

One thing to look out for while vertex editing is that you don't move and drop a vertex at the same position of another. It'll crash UED.

Filenames & paths

UnrealEd doesn't like file paths of over a certain length; nor does it like spaces in filenames.

For example, when you import a texture with a long pathname and/or filename, it will get cut off. This will result in UED being unable to import and use the texture.

The same goes for levels. Opening a level which is nested deep in the directory structure, will result in the pathname + filename getting cut off and UED won't load the level cos it cannot find it. (see Texture Import and Export for more)

(De)intersecting sheets

When intersecting or deintersecting a sheet, the sheet brush's form will break up, creating a distorted brush which will not work when added. So don't do this. It is perfectly safe to have the whole sheet function as a zone portal/decoration even if it doesn't exactly fit in its place.

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