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UnrealEd Menus

This is the master page for all the window and context menus in the UnrealEd interface.

Wiki writers: when giving menu commands, quote them in full like this (unless the context is obvious):

do [[UnrealEd Main Menu]] -> File -> New... to start a new map

This makes the menu command clearer, and streamlines the text while still giving a link for further detail. Each menu page explains where the menu is and gives the full list of commands. See also the Guidelines On Technical Names.

Menu Roots

(the second column is for quick cut & paste onto other Wiki pages)

Window menus

UnrealEd Main Menu [[UnrealEd Main Menu]]
2D Shape Editor Menu [[2D Shape Editor Menu]]
Texture Browser Menu [[Texture Browser Menu]]
[Actor Classes Browser Menu]? [[Actor Classes Browser Menu]]
[Static Mesh Browser Menu]? [[Static Mesh Browser Menu]]

Context menus

Viewport Caption Context Menu [[Viewport Caption Context Menu]]
Viewport Context Menu [[Viewport Context Menu]]
Actor Context Menu [[Actor Context Menu]]
Brush Context Menu [[Brush Context Menu]]
Surface Context Menu [[Surface Context Menu]]
Material Context Menu [[Material Context Menu]]

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