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UnrealEd Myths

Just as there's heaps of information on editing for Unreal, so there's also plenty of misinformation. Common myths are slaughtered here. We feed their carcasses to the UnrealEd goblin...


There's plenty of conflicting information about making windows. It boils down to several key doctines:

  1. floating ICH vs. floating solid vs. flush ICH
  2. ICH behind the sheet vs. ICH around the sheet vs. ICH each side for double-sided windows.

Epic maps' usage of windows:

  • AS-HiSpeed: even overlaps the ICH into solid space. ICH in front of glass.
  • AS-OceanFloor: flush ICH. Glass sheet inside the ICH. Furthermore, the sheet is both portal AND translucent.
  • CTF-Command: floating semisolid each side and TWO sheet brushes. (Myscha)
  • CTF-Coret: floating semisold to one side. (AW)
  • CTF-Cybrosis][: two sheets either side of a floating semisolid
  • CTF-Dreary: ICH behind sheet
  • CTF-High: ICH beneath masked walkway
  • CTF-Hydro16: flush ICH beneath masked walkway

An open request to the people at Epic: how is it meant to be done?

the G.o.a.T : Perhaps we should send an email to Cliffy B or someone ;)

Wormbo: Please choose a replication-friendly solution. In CTF-Coret you can see through the windows in the flag room, but you won't see enemies entering the room from that direction.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: This page should be renamed, this doesn't explain myths, it explains how to create a desired effect in more than one way. Any thoughts?

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