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UnrealEd Versions

UnrealEd is the all-purpose map editor for the Unreal engine. Each game uses a different version, which we list here in the interests of sanity. The UnrealEd Interface reference page always covers the most modern version of the Editor.

UnrealEd only runs under Windows. If you have a Mac or Linux version you'll need either a seperate PC or an emulator and a PC version of the game. On a PC, look for the folder that your game is installed in: usually C:\UnrealTournament. Look for a folder called System inside this. In there, you should find an application called UnrealEd.

UnrealEd 1

[UnrealEd 1]? is the old UnrealEd created in Visual Basic. Prone to fearsome crashes.

Bundled With

Unreal 1
Patch the game to [226] to get minor improvements, but don't expect miracles.
Unreal Tournament versions 400 - 420
Patch the game to [436] to get UnrealEd 2.
[Deus Ex]?
Get the [SDK].
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Fallen
(Please fill)
Klingon Honour Guard
(Please fill)

Modified Versions

(Please fill)

UnrealEd 2

UnrealEd 2 is the rewritten C++ version. It's installed when Unreal Tournament is patched to [version 420] or higher. Patch UT to 436 for additional enhancements to UnrealEd 2.

Bundled With

Unreal Tournament
When patched to 420 or higher

Modified Versions

Very useful

Dark Pulse: SpatialFear had its own Ed? I thought it used the Standard UEd2...

Mychaeel: My guess would be that it's standard UnrealEd with a new splash screen and possibly some useful custom BrushBuilders. – Mosquito, care to elaborate?

UnrealEd 3

UnrealEd 3 comes with UT2003. It does not run terribly well on Windows 9x.



Build 2002-10-28_01.28
With UT2003 patch # 2136
Build (...)
With patch # 2166

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