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allow L.D. to modify for single player
bool bNoDefaultInventory
don't spawn default inventory for this guy


bool bIsSquadLeader
only used as startup property
name SquadName
only used as startup property


what player has selected (replicate using function)
player can optionally incorporate into loadout
bool bAcceptAllInventory
can pick up anything
bool bBlobShadow
bool bKeepTaunting
bool bPlayerShadows
bool bPlayOwnFootsteps
bool bSoakDebug
use less verbose version of debug display
eDoubleClickDir CurrentDir
vector GameObjOffset
rotator GameObjRot
float LastFootStepTime
byte LoadOut
int spree
string VoiceType


simulated function bool CheckTauntValid( name Sequence )
Returns true if pawn has this taunt sequence
simulated function DisplayDebug(Canvas Canvas, out float YL, out float YPos)
list important actor variable on canvas. Also show the pawn's controller and weapon info
function vector BotDodge(Vector Dir)
returns appropriate vector for dodge in direction Dir (which should be normalized)
function HoldGameObject(GameObject gameObj, name GameObjBone)
function EndJump()
Called when stop jumping
simulated function ShouldUnCrouch()
simulated event SetAnimAction(name NewAction)
function String GetDebugName()
function FootStepping(int side)
function name GetWeaponBoneFor(Inventory I)
function CheckBob(float DeltaTime, vector Y)
function bool IsInLoadout(class<Inventory> InventoryClass)
return true if InventoryClass is part of required or optional equipment
function AddDefaultInventory()
function CreateInventory(string InventoryClassName)
function bool Dodge(eDoubleClickDir DoubleClickMove)
simulated function PostBeginPlay()
function PostNetBeginPlay()
function RosterEntry GetPlacedRoster()
function SetMovementPhysics()
function TakeDrowningDamage()
simulated function PlayFootStep(int Side)
simulated function ChunkUp( Rotator HitRotation, float ChunkPerterbation )
Pawn was killed - detach any controller, and die
simulated function SpawnGibs(Rotator HitRotation, float ChunkPerterbation)


State TimingOut

function TakeDamage(int Damage, Pawn instigatedBy, Vector hitlocation, Vector momentum, class<DamageType> damageType)
function BeginState()

State Dying

function Landed(vector HitNormal)
singular function BaseChange()
function BeginState()


         [3] : pretty bog standard. need to sort functions into AI related and other stuff...

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