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UnrealScript Entry Points/PlayerController Events

Entry Points: Engine.PlayerController

native event ClientTravel()

private native event ClientValidate()

private native event ServerValidationResponse()

native event ClientHearSound()

event ClientSetViewTarget()

event InitInputSystem()

simulated event ReceiveLocalizedMessage()

event ClientMessage()

event TeamMessage()

event PreClientTravel()

event function ProgressCommand()

exec event SetProgressMessage()

exec event SetProgressTime()

event TravelPostAccept()

event PlayerTick()

event AddCameraEffect()

event RemoveCameraEffect()

event PlayerCalcView()

event ClientOpenMenu ()

event ClientReplaceMenu()

event ClientCloseMenu()

event ServerChangeVoiceChatter()

event ServerGetVoiceChatters()

simulated event StartClientDemoRec()

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