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Using Textures


Choosing textures can be a hard thing to do, with different themes, different textures need to be used... But for now all I can offer are some hints:

  1. Use the subclasses in the texture browser, don't put wall textures on the floor etc.
  2. Sometimes ceiling textures really suck, if the case, use a base, or a wall texture that fits right. This is ussually the only exception to the above rule in my oppinion.
  3. Try to stay away from heavy textures, they are hard to light well, and don't look good with colors.
  4. Pick textures for the appropriate theme, don't go and put NaliCastle textures in an industrial themed maps...
  5. Use Light textures for lights, not some goofy green.

Patching alignment problems

Aligning the same wall texture around a room can lead to inevitable misalignments, eg around alcoves. Cover a difficult join with a pillar or a piece of embedded trim – something to cause a complete break in the pattern.

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