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UT2003 Troubleshooting FAQ

This is a page of questions for UT2003. See Unreal Mapping FAQ for UEd questions, & Troubleshooting for other topics. Note – this is not the page for UEd questions!

UT2003 is going really low quality all of a sudden, the smoke from the rocket launcher is all pixelated. I have my texture detail on high and so is my skin detail
  • Ensure your graphics card has enough memory to handle the settings you're currently using.
  • Check your preferences and ensure that the settings you think you set are still there.
When I doubleclick the .umod file I get the dialog box "Open with" instead of the installation thing. How do I fix this?
See UMOD/Problems
I'm having <insert problem here> with Unreal Tournament 2003. Everything seemed to be working okay, but now I have messed up video/sound/controls.
Check your UT2003.LOG and see if you're suddenly missing any files from your installation of UT2K3. UT2003.LOG resides in the System directory and will list all packages successfully loaded and all packages that it encountered errors while trying to process. If you're in doubt as to your installation's integrity take the time to reinstall UT2K3. It will solve many problems. (If you're worried about existing code then simply rename the UT2003 directory to something appropriate, i.e. UT2003-Old, and then reinstall. Your old files will be unaffected by the new installation.)
How do I remove the nVidia opening map?
You can't. The nVidia opening map initializes menu stuff.

HSDanClark: Can we expand on or clarify that last one? You can certainly change the nVidia map to your heart's content – it's just a UT2 file. If it truly can't be removed, it would be pretty easy to replace it with a 1-second matinee of a black screen ;)

Foxpaw: Well, the real magic behind the nVidia map/menu stuff is the gametype, CinematicGame. When the gametype is triggered, it opens up the menu stuff. Also, CinematicGame triggers the event "StartGame" when a player "logs in." This is generally the event for the cinematic you are going to display, and then you trigger the gametype when the cinematic finishes. You might be able to bypass the animation simply by setting the Gametypes trigger to "StartGame" so it would trigger itself as soon as it was done initializing.


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