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UT2003 :: Actor >> NavigationPoint >> JumpPad >> UTJumpPad

Unlike UT jumppads which set a velocity (and left the mapper fiddling around to try and get it just right), UT2003 jumppads set a destination pathnode thus:

Set NavigationPoint → ForcePaths[0] to the Object → Name of the which actor to jump to, preferably a PathNode. After a path rebuild, a pink parabola linking the jumppad to the destination will be visible in the editor when the UTJumpPad is selected. (This is probably not a script thing but something hardcoded in the engine.) You could use it to jump to a redeemer or some weapon or powerup. Look at CTF-Face3 for usage. AFAWK the JumpTarget and JumpVelocity values can be safely ignored.

Guided Redeemers can jump on them... try it! ;)

See Kicker for the corresponding actor in UT.


(props of parent class)


sound JumpSound
Set to the sound the jumppad generates when used.
float JumpZModifier
The strength of the boost you'll get, higher value means a higher jump. This is a factor, so 0.5 is half as high, while 2 is twice as high.


Actor JumpTarget
vector JumpVelocity


Related Topics


G-LiTe: Is there a way to set multiple destinations on a jumppad? (so it selects one at random?)

Dma: You would need to set bStatic=false and play with the settings. It might even require multiple jumppads in the same spot.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Could script one! ;)

smattbac: There seems to be some problems if the pathnode and the jumppad are in the same height. I have everything set up correctly, but when I rebuild the paths in the editor, no pink line show up, and when I try it ingame it freezes when I touch the jumppad. :\

ZxAnPhOrIaN:~ hmmm... try deleting the jumppad and adding another one, and also try to move the pathnode up or down farther.

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