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UTServerAdminSpectator (UT)

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A spectator class used by UTServerAdmin to send messages from the remote console to players in the game.

Note: An UTServerAdminSpectator is always present in network games, and hence also shows up when traveling the PawnList. Never forget to check for Pawn (UT).bIsPlayer when doing that.


ListItem MessageList
byte ReceivedMsgNum
config byte ReceivedMsgMax
config bool bClientMessages
config bool bTeamMessages
config bool bVoiceMessages
config bool bLocalizedMessages

PlayerMessage struct

PlayerReplicationInfo PRI
string Text
name Type
PlayerMessage Next

Note: This kind of recursive struct doesn't seem to work in UnrealScript. Obviously it can be declared, but it can't be used for variables.


function AddMessage (PlayerReplicationInfo PRI, String S, name Type)
function String FormatMessage (PlayerReplicationInfo PRI, String Text, name Type)
function ClientMessage (coerce string S, optional name Type, optional bool bBeep)
function TeamMessage (PlayerReplicationInfo PRI, coerce string S, name Type, optional bool bBeep)

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