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Regular X's UTutes seris has been incorporated into the rest of the wiki content. You can finds his tutorial here, or read them as part of a larger series of UnrealScript Lessons.


I started writing the UTutes shortly after finishing the first xpak of mutators. Writing the mutators was mostly a learning experience for me, and learning experiences kinda suck if you keep them to yourself. I've had a couple of requests to wiki the content, so for now this will be a duplicate of the UTutes on inkless.com, but may become the master copy. Eventually I intend to post the entire source code to the XXXPak as well.

This page is intended to only be a table of contents. Since will be small, I think it can double as a guest/comment book as well.

UTutes: Table of Contents



RegularX: whew, that was a lot of cutting and pasting :) ... right now I'm leaning to moving these permanently to Wiki so they can be more fluid documents.

Piglet: sounds like a good idea, some good tute's, any more would be greatly appreciated :P

Tarquin: I've put links on UnrealScript Lessons :)

Trystan: RegularX, I've been a fan of your stuff and your style for a while. Thanks for bringing your work to the Wiki.

RegularX: Good to hear, Trystan. Hopefully I'll be moving the ucc make columns, the XXXPak source code with some commentary and if I ever put a final of Freehold UT, I'll probably make a post mortem of it as well. More UTutes are coming, possibly shortly, to cover firstly other types of mutators (combos, rules, etc) and then perhaps more gametype/HUD/GUI related material.

Tarquin: As part of my Big Cleanup I'd like to merge this page in with UnrealScript Lessons. Suggestions for a new, better title for the result please! :D

RegularX: I'd just merge these links and content and keep "UnrealScript Lessons" as the header. The intro here could become just a quick footnote or even deleted. Maybe the UnrealScript Lessons page could have another section to link to downloadable source code?

Tarquin: Merging mostly done :) Just need more descriptive names for the pages. The "UTutes x" names still work as redirects in case there are links to these on the web.

RegularX: Nice work Tarquin, extremely clean and thoughtful merging.

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