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UWindowBase >> UWindowWindow >> UWindowFramedWindow

An actual window that can be dragged around on the desktop.


class<UWindowWindow> ClientClass
The class of the client area that should be used in this window.
UWindowWindow ClientArea
A reference to the client area after it has been created.
localized string WindowTitle
Text displayed in the title bar of the window.
string StatusBarText
float MoveX, MoveY
float MinWinWidth, MinWinHeight
Minimum size of the window when resizable.
bool bTLSizing
bool bTSizing
bool bTRSizing
bool bLSizing
bool bRSizing
bool bBLSizing
bool bBSizing
bool bBRSizing
bool bMoving
bool bSizable
Whether the window can be resized.
bool bStatusBar
Whether the window has a status bar (like the server browser window) or not (like most other windows).
UWindowFrameCloseBox? CloseBox
A reference to the small close button in the title bar of the window.

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