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UWindowList provides a very complex two-way linked list. It is used to manage the contents of lists, combo boxes, pulldown menus, etc.


UWindowList Next
Next element in the list.
UWindowList Last
Last element of the list. This is only valid on the sentinel (first item).
UWindowList Prev
Previous element in the list (None on sentinel.)
UWindowList Sentinel
The first item of the list. Think of it as some kind of list manager. The sentinel is responsible for all actions modifying the list, like adding new items or sorting.
int InternalCount
The number of items in the list. (Only valid on the sentinel.)
bool bItemOrderChanged
bool bSuspendableSort
Sorting long lists can take quite some time. By setting this to True the sorting process is spread over several Ticks.
int CompareCount
bool bSortSuspended
Sorting should be continued in the next Tick.
UWindowList CurrentSortItem
For suspended sorting: The last item of the sorted part of the list.
bool bTreeSort
UWindowList BranchLeft
UWindowList BranchRight
What are these used for?
UWindowList ParentNode


Available on all list items

function UWindowList CreateItem (Class<UWindowList> C)
Creates a UWindowList object of the specified class and returns it. You could also use the New keyword for this.
function GraftLeft (UWindowList NewLeft)
function GraftRight (UWindowList NewRight)
function UWindowList RightMost ( )
Return rightmost child of subtree
function UWindowList LeftMost ( )
Return leftmost child of subtree
function Remove ( )
Removes this item from the list.
function int Compare (UWindowList T, UWindowList B)
Compares two items and returns a value for sorting.
function UWindowList InsertBefore (Class<UWindowList> C)
Inserts a new element before this element. DO NOT CALL on the sentinel.
function UWindowList InsertAfter (Class<UWindowList> C)
Inserts a new element after this element.
function InsertItemBefore (UWindowList NewElement)
Inserts an element before this element. DO NOT CALL on the sentinel.
function InsertItemAfter (UWindowList NewElement, optional bool bCheckShowItem)
Inserts an element after this element.
function ContinueSort ( )
Continue sorting.
function Tick(float Delta)
Calls ContinueSort if a sorting operation has not yet been finished.
function UWindowList Sort ( )
Sort the list beginning with this item. (Usually called on the sentinel.)
function DisconnectList ( )
Removes all references to other list elements from this item. Use Remove instead of this method to remove an element from the list.
function DestroyList ( )
function DestroyListItem ( )
function int CountShown ( )
Counts the elements whose ShowThisItem method returns True.
function UWindowList CopyExistingListItem (Class<UWindowList> ItemClass, UWindowList SourceItem)
function bool ShowThisItem ( )
Returns whether this element should be shown in a list box.

Sentinel only

function int Count ( )
Returns the number of items in this list (without the sentinel)
function MoveItemSorted (UWindowList Item)
function SetupSentinel (optional bool bInTreeSort)
Set up this UWindowList object as the sentinel of a new list.
function Validate ( )
function UWindowList Append (Class<UWindowList> C)
Creates a new item and adds it to the end of the list. (Use this in your code.)
function AppendItem (UWindowList NewElement)
Adds an existing item to the end of the list. (Used by Append and Sort.)
function DoAppendItem (UWindowList NewElement)
Adds an existing item to the end of the list without checking for tree sorting. (Called by AppendItem.)
function UWindowList Insert(Class<UWindowList> C)
Creates a new item and inserts it at the beginning of the list. (Use this in your code.)
function InsertItem (UWindowList NewElement)
Inserts an existing item at the beginning of the list. (Called by Insert.)
function UWindowList FindEntry (int Index)
function AppendListCopy (UWindowList L)
function Clear ( )
Remove all items from the list.

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