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UWindowBase >> UWindowWindow >> UWindowRootWindow

The root window. This object is the parent window of all UWindowWindow objects and is also the connection of the UWindow system to the console.


UWindowWindow MouseWindow
The window the mouse is over.
bool bMouseCapture
float MouseX, MouseY
float OldMouseX, OldMouseY
WindowConsole Console
Reference to the console.
UWindowWindow FocusedWindow
The window with the focus.
UWindowWindow KeyFocusWindow
window with keyboard focus
MouseCursor NormalCursor, MoveCursor, DiagCursor1, HandCursor, HSplitCursor, VSplitCursor, DiagCursor2, NSCursor, WECursor, WaitCursor
MouseCursor structs for several mouse cursor shapes.
bool bQuickKeyEnable
UWindowHotkeyWindowList? HotkeyWindows
config float GUIScale
float RealWidth, RealHeight
Font Fonts[10]
UWindowLookAndFeel LooksAndFeels[20]
config string LookAndFeelClass
Currently selected GUI skin.
bool bRequestQuit
float QuitTime
bool bAllowConsole

Known subclasses

  • UBrowserRootWindow?
  • UMenuRootWindow? – This is used in UT.

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