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Vertex Editing

Vertex Editing allows you to change the shape of a brush by moving its vertices that define the shape.

Two ways to do the same thing

Camera mode

  1. Select camera mode from the toolbox

  2. Select a brush
  3. Hold down the CTRL key use the Left Mouse Button (LMB) on a vertex. A red cross appears on that vertex. This is the pivot.
  4. Hold down ALT + and drag the LMB.

Vertex Edit mode

  1. Select vertex edit mode from the toolbox.

  2. Select one or more brushes. The red builder brush can be selected too.
  3. Hold either ALT-Gr or CTRL + ALT, click in empty space in an 2D UnrealEd Viewport and drag a marquee selection rectangle around the vertices you wish to select.


    When you release, the boxes on selected vertices turn white.

  4. CTRL-click on any of the white-highlighted vertices and drag to move them. Be careful not to start the click & drag too close to another brush, or that will become selected too.

To add vertices to the current selection, repeat the procedure, holding SHIFT as well, ie CTRL+SHIFT+ALT or SHIFT+ALT-Gr.

Mode differences

Selecting multiple vertices

  • Camera mode allows only one vertex to be moved at a time.
  • Vertex Edit mode allows the rectangular marquee to select multiple vertices.

Moving Stacked Vertices Simultaneously

Because the 2D UnrealEd Viewport cannot display depth, sometimes your brush will only show one vertex where 2 or more exist in 3D space. This can be demonstrated with a cube. Choose the right mode depending if you want to move one or more stacked vertices.

  • Camera mode selects only one vertex
  • Vertex Edit mode selects all stacked vertices


  • At 16 grid units or lower, dragging vertices zip around too fast
  • At 64 grid units or higher, dragging vertices feel sticky
  • Therefore, 32 or 16 is best.
  • Brushes can occasionally 'break' when vertex editing. The cause for this is unknown but the effect will likely result in a BSP Hole.

Related Topics

  • UnrealEd Interface is the main reference for the interface in general
  • Moving vertices is usually done in one of the 2D UnrealEd Viewports
  • Toolbox covers all the buttons down the left-hand side of the UnrealEd window
  • See Mouse Control for more information on mouse actions in different modes.


Sobiwan: I still cant figure out what "Alt-gr" is. Anyone?

Tarquin: "Alt-gr is the right-hand Alt key on European keyboards.

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